• vinegar-bath

      Vinegar bath

      The apple vinegar bath has deodorant, refreshing, decongestant and anti-bacterial benefits. This bath gives relief to redness and itchiness, typical of an excessive sun exposition and it reestablishes the ideal ph of the skin. You have to add a glass of vinegar to the tub. This bath should not be taken in the evening because the smell remains on the skin. It is advisable to stay in the tub for at least half an hour, in this way the vinegar penetrates better in the skin.

      Also the balsamic vinegar can be used in the tub and it is known for its relaxing properties. The vinegar can be added to the therapeutic herbs as rosemary, mint, orange juice and lemon juice. Put this mixtures in a normal tinned glass and leave it macerate for two weeks. Afterwards filter it and add a glass to the bath, which is good for composition and oily skins, because of the citrus. A vinegar bath for a sensitive skin can be obtained by mixing up lavender flower, rose and camomile with the vinegar. The procedure is as described above.