• achillea


      The essential oil of Achillea treats affections like acne, difficult digestion, hemorrhoids, wrinkles, weak hair, depression, unsecurity, mental confusion, dismenorrhoe, arthritis, cystitis, convulsions, insomnia, varicous veins, hypertension, indigestion, wounds, menopause, scissures, hormonal problems, neuralgias, rheumatic aches, phlebitis, dyspepsia, menstruation outfalls and edemas. Moreover it has a cicatrizant property, if mixed with a carrier oil and massaged on the skin.

      The achillea oil is very expensive, since there are excavated only small quantities. It’s possible to consume it ( one drop into a teaspoon of honey), to use it for massages mixed with a carrier oil, or to solve it in a bath (3-4 drops). In the Orient this oil is very popular because of its antibacterial, balancing (Yin/Yang) property. Moreover it supports the achievement of confidence in case of great changes, the development of self- confidence and the ability of being realistic.
      Furthermore this oil is helpful in case of problems on the kidneys, liver and the bleb. It represents an excellent sedative, it has antiseptic qualities, it helps against hemorrhoids, it’s moreover calming, restoring, astringent, anti- inflammatory, stimulatory. Finally it stimulates the menstruation and the appetite, it contrasts cellulitis. It’s not recommended during pregnancy and it can also have an irritating effect on the skin. The achillea oil supports the hair growing if mixed with a carrier oil like olive or almond oil and used as a pack before doing the shampoo.