• benzoin


      The Benzoin essential oil is known for its aromatic, antioxidant, antiseptic, disinfecting, anti-dermopatic, depigmenting, fluidizing, antirheumatic and balmy properties. It’s produced in Indochina and the varieties of this oil depend from the place where it grows. For example the best variety of benzoin is the Thai one, distinguished by a very fine flavor and amber nuances. The variety of Indonesian benzoin oil has grizzled colors and a less penetrating perfume. The warlocks of these places use the benzoin to chase away the evil spirits.

      This plant serves also to prepare the famous “Gudang Garam”- cigarettes and some incenses. The benzoin essential oil is efficient to disinfect the mouth and throat infections, to cure rheumatic aches, to cure eczemas, frost boils and psoriasis, against dry hair, to cure affections of the urinary tract.