• bergamot


      The essential oil of bergamot is excellent to treat genitourinary problems, like itchiness, leukorrhea, gonococci- infections, cystitis. The oil can be massaged on the abdomen, moreover it’s possible to add 2-3 drops to the bidet water. The essential bergamot oil is also an excellent cure for oily skin, oral herpes, eczemas, psoriasis, insect bites.
      This essential oil can be used to treat various affections of the respiratory system such as: flatulences, halitosis, tonsillitis, bronchitis.

      The properties of this oil are beneficial for the treatment of affections belonging to the digerent system such as: meteorism, dyspepsia, abdominal colics, absence of appetite. The essential bergamot oil stimulates the immune system, therefor it’s recommended in case of influenza, colds and infectuous diseases. Other utilizations of this oil are: the treatment of dental abscesses, frost boils, it provides a good sleep. In the aromatherapy this essential oil is used to combat anxiety, stress and depression. It’s recommended for those who’s 4th chakra (that of the heart) is closed, such a person feels disabled to give and receive love.