• Bitter orange

      The essential oil of bitter orange is a strong relative to the sweet one. The bitter orange is different from the sweet one because of the following reasons: the white perfumed flowers, the peel, which is more colored and rough and the bitter taste. Probably the bitter orange is a more ancient kind of citrus fruit. The essential oil of bitter orange has sedative, digestive, tonic, anti- coagulant, diuretic, antipyretic qualities and it’s used to treat the following affections: anxiety, insomnia, depression.

      Moreover this oil is a magic bullet against pessimism, since it helps to refind self- confidence, to remove sadness and melancholy, moreover it treats indigestion or skin problems like cellulitis. It’s also excellent to harmonize and refresh ambiences frequented by many persons. The essential oil of bitter orange is furthermore recommended to treat stomatits, gingivitis, palpitation, dizziness, gastric problems. It revitalizes the skin curing problems like eczemas or dermatosis.