• cardamom-oil

      Cardamom oil

      The cardamom oil is extracted by the seeds of this plant, which grows spontaneously in southern India, the cardamom seeds are used to aromatize differents Indian dishes, teas, curry or coffee. The Romans used it for the preparation of perfume, the Cardamom essential oil is also common for the preparation of cosmetic products.

      In India the cardamom seeds are chewed after the meal to clean bad breath, for a better digestion and to avoid fermentation.

      This essential oil has a yellow color and can be used as head or heart note, the matrix is Yang and it’s influenced by the planet of Mercury. The flavor of this oil is spicy, aromatic, exotic and fresh, it neutralizes the smell of garlic. The cardamom oil has vitalizing, stimulating, warming, aphrodisiac, calming and antispastic properties, moreover it has a diuretic, expectorant, digestive and fermentation- blocking effect. Furthermore it arrests the sleep, alleviates muscle and joint pains, cures eczemas and psoriasis, arrests vomit, refreshes the spirit and provides a better sight since it alleviates headache. One drop of cardamom oil on a cube of sugar (in case of vomit), or 4 drops into ¼ glas of water help against bad breath. In case of sciatica the hurting part of the body should be massaged with this oil.

      If the oil is mixed with a carrier oil, it can be massaged onto the thorax, helping against colds, influenza or bronchitis. This oil donates courage to manage the life, especially if there are too many responsabilities in once life. It calms down and donates determination. It matches with the following oils: Ylang Ylang, bergamot, cinnamon, cedar, orange and cloves.