• chamomile


      The chamomile essential oil is recommended to favor the sleep, to cure neuralgias, insect bites, diarrhea, tooth abscesses, gingivitis, headache, osteoarticular affections, digestive problems. The chamomile essential oil helps the body to produce more urine and it’s a co- helper for the treatment of urinary calculi, otitis, diarrhea at children. This oils furthermore supports the formation of new white globules and invigorates the melt.

      The chamomile oil is also recommended to cure: headache, depressions, breast rhagades, various emotive shocks, meteorism, Chinese burn, menstrual problems, eczemas, colics, conjuctivitis, erythemas, especially that of nappy. It’s often used in the bath, diluted in a carrier oil or in warm packages.