• cistus


      The essential oil of cistus is actually cited in the Holy Bible, it’s the oil which Magdalene put on the feet of Jesus. This oil has a warm and aromatic perfume, useful for people who feel “cold in the soul”. Moreover it supports the relaxation and meditation. If diluted this oil has nourishing, emollient, aphrodisiac, constructive, antiseptic, tonic, purifying, cicatrizant, antioxidant, anti- inflammatory qualities. It stimulates the love and is also able to cure acne, oily skins, water retention, skin inflammations, ulcer, purulent wounds.

      The essential cistus oil reactivates the lymphatic circulation, fighting also inflammations and infections. It has also cicatrizant properties for spiritual wounds. The essential cistus oil can be used in winter, especially after Christmas and New Year – excellent to purify and “clean” the complete body. This oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. The essential oil of cistus is also used in various branches belonging to the cosmetic industry, especially to prepare creams for dry, mature and sensible skin. It’s also excellent to prepare cosmetics for the lips.