• cloves


      The essential oil of cloves it’s excellent to treat stomatitis, gengivitis, mouth ulcers, toothaceh, neuralgias, several kinds of colds. It’s actually prescribed by some dentists. It facilitates the elimination of catarrh and of intestinal parasites. The oil of cloves has moreover anti-irritating, antihistaminic, aphrodisiac, expectorating, carminative, larvicide, spasmolytic, emetic, antioxidant, stomachic, anti-rheumatic properties.

      It’s useful to hinder the following problems: skin parasits, mycosis, wounds, herpes, athlete’s foot, burns, acne, anorexia, dermatosis, dysentery, mental and physical weakness, urinary infections, pulmonary tubercolosis. 
      The fragrance of this oil facilitates the birth.