• cypress


      The Cypress essential oil has expectorant, antidepressive, antibacterial and vasoconstrictive qualities. Some drops of it can be applied onto the pillow of an ill person. This oil treats cellulitis and water retention, it’s popular for its vitalizing qualities. But it should not be used in case of pregnancy, lactation or young women with their first menstruation.
      The cypress oil is helpful in case of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, capillary fragility, endemia, moreover it cures contusions and the limited function of the pancreas.

      It has an antidepressive and balancing effect on the nervous system especially in case of changes like the lost of a beloved person or a separation. This oil blocks the nocturnal enuresis in children, it helps in case of pertussis, bronchitis or tracheitis. It donates force, courage and confidence, by helping people to realize their dreams.