• eucalyptus


      The essential oil of Eucalyptus belongs to the most popular remedies for the treatment of osteomuscular and respiratory problems. It has also psychologically beneficials, it provides power and stability. Moreover this oil has antipyretic, tonic, purifying, antiseptic, balmy, expectorant, diuretic, vermicidal, anti- parasitic, air- disinfecting qualities. The essential eucalyptus oil leaks from this plants and is the reason for the blue like tonality of the “blue eucalyptus”.

      By the Australian aborigines this plant was seen as a sort of natural “panacea”, the therapeutic properties of eucalyptus are well- known among the Australian with European origin. Anyway this essential oil is contraindicated in case of: pregnancy, children, elderly person, gastrointestinal inflammations. The essential eucalyptus oil serves also in case of migraine, cystitis, catarrh, tired feet, herpes zoster, sciatica, colds, bronchitis, louses, sinusitis, burns, sore throat, osteoarticular problems, diarrhea from food, from nervs, from worms. It’s always better to use it diluted in a carrier oil or in a bath, hand bath or tub. The essential eucalyptus oil is highly concentrated, mostly there are necessary only some drops. It’s an excellent companion during journey, to disinfect the bed linen or the toilet. This oil offers alleviation in case of a heat stroke: 4 drops into cold water together with 4 drops of essential lavender oil, then immerse the body into it. In case of overstraining because of heat, it helps to apply some drops behind the neck, the ears and onto the solar plexus.