• geranium


      The essential geranium oil has disinfecting, cicatrizant, stimulant, deodorant qualities. It’s useful in case of cellulitis, as it stimulates the blood circulation, moreover it cures skin problems such as couperose, acne, eczemas, dermaitis, psoriasis or furuncles. The essential oil of geranium can be added to the daily pomade to cure frost boils, thanks to its calming, cicatrizant and warming qualities.
      This oil is also efficient for the treatment against stomatologic problems, such as aphte, or against sore throat.

      Moreover this oil is efficient against mosquitos, simply add one or two drops to your daily cream and put it on before going to sleep, or put some drop into a diffuser in the bedroom. The geranium oil helps a person to intuit which is the best solution for a problem or an involved situation. The essential geranium oil helps a person to express profound feelings and to balance the giving and receiving.