• ginger


      The essential ginger oil is efficient against seasickness, carsickness, diarrhea, intestinal gases, headache, nausea, anxiety, muscular aches. The essential ginger oil has analgesic, stimulant, carminative, digestive, anxiolytic, antiseptic qualities. Therefor it’s prescribed in case of weakness and asthenia. It cures typical pregnance nauseas, especially during the first months.

      The ginger is also an excellent aphrodisiac agent, especially for men, it has warming qualities after a long winter day in cold temperatures. In the Orient the ginger is used to cure strains, muscular contractions and lactic acid, such as for example after a Muay Thai fight (Thai boxing). In India the ginger is used to cure affections like diarrhea, the excess of mucus or liquids, toothache, rheumatic aches, malaria, colds. The ginger aroma is recommended also for students, since it stimulates the concentration and developes the faculty of judgement.