• grapefruit


      The Grapefruit essential oil has a very fresh flavor, which has a tonic effect on the psyche, making feel younger, vital and full of lust for life and activity, even on a cold winter day. The essential oil of grapefruit supports the immune defences and it’s an excellent remedy against nausea during pregnancy, especially in the first three months.

      This kind of oil alleviates the sense of tiredness, especially after sport. Some drops of grapefruit oil in a carrier oil can be massaged to restore tired muscles.

      It’s moreover useful against acne, cellulitis, anxiety and nervousness. This oil is also known for its tonic, antiseptic, antibacterial properties. It stimulates the appetite and the function of the immune systems, moreover it alleviates the effects of Jet- Lag, especially if solved into a bathtub. This oil has excellent blood purifying and cicatrizant properties. Some drops of it can be applied onto blains, wounds or verrucas which aren’t willing to heal. The grapefruit essential oil has also antispastic properties and positive effects on the digestion. There could be added two drops of it to a spoon of honey, drinking afterwards a glas of warm water.