• hyssop


      The therapeutic qualities of the essential hyssop oil were already known in times of the ancient Israel and of the ancient Egypt, they used it to purify their cult places. Actually this oil is often mentioned in the Bible. It can also be used to purify the air in rooms of ill people or protect them in case of negativity. The name of the plant derives from ancient Hebrew and means “holy herb”.

      The essential hyssop oil has tonic, astringent, blood purifying, antiseptic, antihypertensive, carimative, digestive, sudorific, diuretic, cough alleviating, expectorant, antiallergic, decongesting, eupeptic, anti- spasmodic, antigenerative, fluidizing, antineoplastic qualities. The essential hyssop oil has a fresh, intense and aromatic flavor, its color is yellow. It’s beneficial in case of anxiety, agitation, sadness, affliction, confusion, depression; among the essential oils this one is a “heart note”. The hyssop packs are excellent to cure inflammed eyes, moreover this oil helps to treat absence of appetite, intestinal catarrh, dyspepsia, respiratory problems, meteorism, circulatory problems, contusions, oral herpes, sore throat, indigestion, asthma, halitosis, ecchymosis, pressure sore and wounds. If added to the sweet almond oil it treats very well skin problems like cellulitis, ecchymosis, edemas, capillar fragility, hematomas, varicose veins, cicatrices or amenorrhoea. Solved in the bathtub it’s an excellent tonic against stress and physical or psycologigal asthenia. The hyssop bath has a stimulant function on pale and dull skin. Beside from baths the hyssop can also be used in the form of a gargling, frictions, washings, compresses, infusions, syrup. This essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy or in case of epilepsy.