• incense


      The essential oil of incense is known for its antioxidant and wrinkle alleviating properties. The incense from Somalia is the most precious one. The resin of incense derives from the eastern Africa such as Ehtiopia, Sudan, Kenya or the Arabian Peninsula. Incense is known for its antiseptic, anti- inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, calming, antimycrobic, catarrh alleviating, anti- depressive qualities. Moreover it stimulates the digestion, it has analgesic, immune stimulating properties and treats affections like cystitis, leukorrhea, respirtatory problems, acne or insomnia.

      Incense has also a purifying effect on the room and is connected to elements such as fire and air, the zodiac sign of lion and the sun. The oil promotes meditation, it donates calmness and peace, by allaying the emotions. This essential oil purifies the blood, calms down joint pains, has a cicatrizant and immune stimulating effect.

      It can furthermore be used as a mask against wrinkles, therefor it should be mixed with 2-3 drops of argan oil or wild rose oil. It’a also possible to dilute it with water for external cleaning for the vagina. The incense oil is helpful for the treatment of metrorrhagia and menstrual pains, it treats influenza, bronchitis and colds, it can also be used in the form of inhalations. Moreover it cures rheuma.