• iris


      The Iris essential oil is used in the high perfume industry, since it’s bland and powdery. But it isn’t only popular for its flavor, but also because of its rareness and because of the high costs, since it’s extracted by the rootstock of this plant. Queen Caterina de’Medici was a fan of this flower and therefor her facial toner was always prepared with this plant. In the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella at Florence still today it’s possible to find a facial toner which is prepared by the Dominican monks according to the old recipes from the XIII century.

      This flower is a symbol of France under the governance of Franciscus VII. The iris is influenced by the moon, the Saturn and Venus, and the matrix of Ying. In the Islamic tradition this flower attracts love. In the classic antiquity the iris represented a symbol of the rainbow and donated peace to the dead. The iris oil accompanies the following essences: cypress, atlantic cedar, rose, mimose, violet and sage, the flower is also called “orchid of the poor”. The iris flavor displaces depressions, anxiety and rheumatic aches, by supporting the inner harmony and balance of the character. Moreover it enforces the intuition and the enlightened decisions. It helps in case of indecision. 

      The root of this flower has diuretic, laxative, purifying properties and the blooms can als be consumed in the form of a brew. The essential oil of iris has invigorating, relaxing, expectorant, diuretic, calming, cough alleviating and nurturing qualities. It helps in case of cough, bronchitis, croakiness, sinusitis (through inhalation) and even in case of psoriasis, if mixed with a carrier oil.

      The essence of this flower is helpful against diarrhea, nausea, vomit, herpes zoster, digestive problems, headache, migraine, dry, oily or mature skin. The iris is popular because of its regenerating qualities and is often used for the preparation of cosmetical products for mature skin. In flower- language the iris flower represents hope and confidence.