• lemon


      The essential lemon oil combats anxiety, nervousness, insomnia. It’s morover an excellent stimulant of the concentration. This oil has disinfecting, tonic, purifying, anti- inflammatory, anti- phlogistic qualities. The bath with the essential lemon oil is excellent to combat cellulitis and capillar fragility, improving the vein circulation and making the blood more fluid.

      The oil is actually useful to treat mixed and oily skin, some drops of it mixed with a kilogram of marine salt and a carrier oil can be added to the bath, for a refreshing effect especially in summertime. The essential lemon oil is also recommended in case of otitis, aphte, acne, migraine, problems of the osteomuscular system, influenza, rheumatism, blepharitis, abscess, insect bites, asthenia, excessive sweating, hemorrhoids, conjuctivitis.