• lemongrass


      The lemongrass oil grows spontaneously in India, Madagascar and in different regions belonging to the tropical Asia. Its leaves are a common ingredient in the Asian kitchen, to aromatize sauces, soups, infusions and other beverages. In Europe lemongrass is especially used for its insecticide qualities. The lemongrass essential oil has vermifuge, insecticide, acne and fever alleviating, revitalizing, astringent, itchiness and rheuma alleviating, decongestant, analgesic properties.

      Moreover it stimulates the milk production, it has refreshing qualities, it stimulates the digestion and the immune system, it has antimycotic and nurturing properties. The oil can be added to the bath water to combat tiredness, together with sweet almond oil it alleviates muscular aches and stimulates the blood circulation. Furthermore it influences the life energy, it liberates from negative feelings, activates the humor, combats anxiety, calms the spirit and stimulates the concentration. Some drops in the room offer a resh and pure air. This essential oil helps to eliminate bad and awkward smells in the kitchen, such as fish, onion or garlic. Lemongrass is used for face tonics, it has an invigorating and purifyinig effect on the skin. The lemongrass oil stimulates the lympathic system, combats cellulitis and stimulates the blood circulation. The bath with this oil contrasts cellulitis, bladder infections, stretch marks, as well as headache, athlete’s foot, mycosis on the scalp, pediculosis and excessive sweating.