• limes


      The essential oil of lime has a fresh and fruity perfume, it’s very precious. It’s gained by the cold pressure of dry lime peels or through its vapor distillation. The essential lime oil is used to aromatize sweets, moreover it has excellent antibacterial, astringent, disinfecting, refreshing, coagulant, tonic, antioxidant qualities. It’s also efficient against cellulitis. The essential lime oil is an efficient support against influenza, cough and colds, it can be diluted in boiling water to make a steam bath.

      Some drops into the bathtub help to find new energy, the lime bath is also a delicate exfolating agent, the essential lime oil can be added to the toothpaste, thanks to its whitening qualities. Moreover it stimulates compassion and concentration, beside from purifying the aura. This essential oils is also recommended to scent work- and studyrooms.