• magnolia


      The essential oil of magnolia is extracted by the flowers of this plant, it has exhilarant, calming, disinfecting, decongesting properties. Moreover it regulates the circulatory system, it has a smoothing effect on the skin of the face and the body, an anti- aging effect. The perfume of this essential oil is a mix between floral and oriental aromas and it’s a panacea in periods of stress. It reduces the blood pressure and regulates the heartbeat. The essential oil of magnolia treats affections like eczemas or skin eruptions, if mixed to the daily body lotion or to a carrier oil.

      The essential magnolia oil can also be used for a relaxing bath, or to scent the room thanks to a diffusor. This oil is extracted by the bark, which has cosmetic properties and treats the following affections: rheumatism, diarrhea, cough, vomit, gastric spasms, asthma. Even the aromatic resins of magnolia treat these affections, while the seeds have antipyretic properties. The bark extract of magnolia is available in the form of compresses and has antioxidant, anti- tumoral, antiaggregant, piastrinic, antimycrobic, antimycotic and anxiolytic qualities. It’s efficient for the treatment of bronchial asthma, depression and anxiety. According to the Chinese pharmacopeia the magnolia extract treats aches, diarrhea, cough and urinary problems.