• mandarin


      The mandarin oil is used as “red mandarin” or “green mandarin”, it’s helpful against different affections: insomnia, adiposis, acne, stretch marks, water retention, seborrhea, asthma, colics, congestion, aerophagia. The mandarin fruit derives from the extreme Orient, today it’s diffused also in the Mediterranean. Thanks to its perfume it’s the most common oil for children, it supports the sleep, alleviates digestive problems and anxiety on children.

      The mandarin helps also against melancholia and nostalgia at children, even pregnant women like this flavor. It supports the stomach, blocks bacterias, vitalizes and has rudimentary hypnotic properties. Moreover it has analgesic and calming qualities. The room of an ill person can be perfumed with this oil, since it stimulates the good humour, it has also a refreshing effect. The essential mandarin oil is also excellent for adolescents during an identity crisis.

      It should only be applied on the skin in diluted form, after that it’s better not expose to the sun for at least 10 hours, since the oil can provoke maculas. Some drops of mandarin oil promote the digestion after consumption of heavy meal. There are necessary only 2 or 3 drops of it. To treat small wounds it’s necessary put some drops onto a tissue and put it onto the area.