• manuka


      The manuka essential oil is known for its immune stimulant, immune globulant, mucolytic, anti- inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, insecticide qualities. It’s 20 times more efficient than the essential oil of tea tree and it can be used on corns and callused skin mixed with some karité butter. On a fungal skin infection or a furuncle it can be used pure, while diluted in a carrier oil it’s excellent to cure bedsore. Some drop of it onto the bedsore support the healing. It has anti- allergic qualities, especially if mixed with the shampoo before doing the hair coloring.

      Before going to the pool, it can be levigated on the hands and feet, since it protects from verrucas for about 2-3 hours. If added to the laundry it has a natural disinfecting effect. The manuka essential oil donates security, courage, helps to maintain the self- control. It has a “Rescue Remedy” function in aromatherapy: it supports the recovering after a shock or after violence. It’s also useful in case of intoxication from food: if consumed 5 drops every 15 minutes. It can be used at insect or scorpion bites, at irritations by jellyfishes etc. since it neutralizes the poison, it combats efficiently also the poison of the dreaded blowfish.