• marjoram


      The marjoram essential oil is known for its anxiolytic and calming qualities. Moreover it has digestive, carminative, fungicide, cosmetic, anti- spasmodic, anti- neuralgic, antirheumatic, antifermentative, balmy, expectorant, sedative, emmenagogue, immune stimulant, balancing, stomachic, antiviral, laxative and cholagogue properties. The essential oil of marjoram is also an excellent remedy to cure anxiety, depression, nervousness, moodiness, anxiety and in various cases of psychical instability. It helps also against insomnia.

      It’s efficient in case of meteorism, aerophagy, contusions, rheumatic pains, muscle rupures, ankylosis, migraine, leukorrhea. The essential oil of marjoram has also a warming effect and is therefor proper for people with cold hands and feet. This essential oil is also useful against cough and colds, used as steam bath. Moreover this oil helps against frost boils, arthritis, asthma, lumbago, nervous tics, exhaustion, tiredness and hysterism. It regulates the activity of the thyroid, both in case of hypohtyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The marjoram essential oil harmonizes good with bergamot, rosemary, chamomile, cypress, tea tree, lavender and cedar oil. In aromatherapy this oil donates consolation in moments of hurt and loneliness.