• mimosa


      The Mimosa essential oil is caracterized by astringent, purifying, aromatic, anti- depressive, anti- inflammatory, relaxing, lenitive, antiseptic, emollient and anti- aging qualities. Its color is yellow and amber and it’s obtained by the extraction with alcohol from the flowers and the trunks of the tree. This oil is excellent to treat eczemas, redness, couperose, hypertension, dry skin, insomnia, itchiness. The Mimosa essential oil is recommended to treat light acne and sensible but at the same time oily skin.

      This essential oil is moreover highly recommended to combat the first wrinkles, there are necessary some drops which are added to the daily cream. This oil provides alleviation and consolation after a big shock, depression or delusion, even in case of stress the mimosa oil is very helpful. It can be used for massages if mixed with a carrier oil or to scent rooms through a diffusor. The mimosa essential oil can be used in perfumery especially for flower fragrances. This oil has an aphrodisiac effect on women, if added to the bath it has a regenerating and stress alleviating effect. The mimosa essential oil is also connected to the 7th chakra or “the crown chakra” and to the elements of fire and water.