• mustard


      The mustard essential oil is a stimulant of the blood circulation and of the intestinal activity, of the intestinal mucous membrans, moreover it regulates the digestion and has warming qualities. It resolves abscesses and disinfects the digerent system. The essential mustard oil stimulates the metabolism and the appetite, it has diuretic, emetic, laxative, digestive, diaphoretic, carminative qualities. This oil is used as massage oil in the Ayurvedic medicine and as warming agent in cold nations like Russia. The mustard oil is also used in the alimentar industry, for example for the preparation of the “Vicentine mustard”.

      The mustard has warming qualities, therefor it’s contraindicated in case of irritations of the digerent system, dyspepsia and urinary affections. The mustard is also used for external packages thanks to its expectorant qualities. It has beneficial effects in the treatment of bronchitis, influenza, catarrh, meteorism, colds. The cataplasms of mustard flour are excellent in case of rheumatic pains or neuralgias. The mustard derives from North Africa and south- western Asia, where it grows spontaneously. In Italy Apulia is the greatest producer of mustard seeds. The mustard oil is recommended by the Ayurvedic medicine also as an ingredient for a pre- shampoo hair mask, since it decelerates the greying and prevents the hair loss.