• myrtle


      The essential myrtle oil has sedative effects, moreover it has astringent, antiseptic, expectorant, anti- catarrh, deodorant, tonic qualities. This oil is particularly recommended to treat impure skin, acne, problems of the respiratory system, geniturinary affections and other mycrobic infections. It’s also excellent to smooth the skin and to combat wrinkles. This essential oil has a delicate perfume and is proper for those who don’t like penetrant flavors. Furthermore it’s proper for children, especially if they are stressed by the school, hyperactive or insecure.

      The essential myrtle oil is also beneficial for the soul, especially in case of profound traumas, it helps persons who don’t like themselve, hypochondriac persons, or those who are afraid of the death. This oil is also recommended against affections of the respiratory system, such as cough, colds, bronchitis and catarrh. Moreover it has relaxing capacities. Therefor it’s perfect for a relaxing bath at the evening- for a better sleep. The essential myrtle oil is also excellent to cure hemorrhoids, especially on children. This oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and in case of bad renal or hepatic insufficience.