• neroli


      The essential neroli oil belongs to the heart notes and is excellent to combat insomnia, moreover it has protective, regenerating, calming, antiseptic, capillar protecting, cicatrizant, inetestine protecting, anti- toxic, purifying, antibacterial, antimycotic, deodorant, hydrating, aphrodisiac, refreshing, antispasmodic, harmonizing qualities. This essential oil has a pallid yellow color, it’s rare and expensive, since there are necessary a ton of orange flowers to prepare one litre of oil.

      It’s also recommended against parasits, infections, stress, cicatrizes, wrinkles, various skin problems, delicate, inflammed or “tired” skin, headache, premenstrual syndrom, palpitation, cramps, meteorism. It’s an excellent anti- shock remedy, it has a constitutive effect both on the emotional and physical area, it helps to combat fears and depressions. Its chakra it’s that of the heart, this oil is the corrispondent aromatherapeutic remedy of the famous “Rescue Remedy” belonging to the Bach Flowers. It offers us a way out, when we think everything goes wrong, it lets disappear bad memories, nightmares and sadness. This essential oil infuses a sense of peace and it’s an excellent calmative for children, creating a comfortable and consolating aura. The essential oil of Neroli teaches us to love ourselfes and alleviates all the bad memories about amorous delusions, purifying all the emotional centres. This oil helps in every stage of life: to calm down the fears of children, to accept the own body during adolescence, in seniority it alleviates the strain.