• Osmanthus

      The Osmanthus oil belongs to the heart notes and is very expensive, therefor it’s only used in the high perfume industry for women. In Portuguese this flower is called “the emperor flower”. Some personalities, which used this perfume are: Issey, Miyake, Paco Rabanne, Gucci, Narciso Rodrihuez, Roger & Gallet! This flower derives from China, Cambodia, Bhutan, Japan and is normally orange- yellowish and very popular for its ruity scent, which recalls apricots, gardenia and jasmine. This oil has aphrodisiac, anti- inflammatory and cough alleviating qualities. Moreover it has regenerating, relaxing, nuturing, euphoric and stimulant properties. The orange blooms are even more popular since their flavor is more intensive than that of the white ones. In China the Osmanthus brew is used to block cough and to aromatize the tea.


      Moreover it represents a symbol for pureness, love and fertility and is therefor often used on weddings. In Taiwan the bride should donate their parents-in-law an Osmanthus branch. The Osmanthus oil is also used to give the mature skin more accent and power. The flavor of this essential oil meshes with the following fragrances: rose, geranium, sandal- wood or tonka.