• palisander


      The essential oil of palisander has a spicy, sweet and floral flavor and it’s excellent to combat frigidity, impotence and wrinkles. This essential oil is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutic industry. The palisander is also called “rosewood”, this tree is very diffused in South America and its wood is used to build music instruments, billiard sticks, furniture etc.

      The essential palisander oil has bactericide, antiseptic, emollient, lenitive, relaxing, calming, costituent, aphrodisiac, tonic, stress alleviating, deodorant, stimulant, immune stimulant, antimycotic, analgetic, cicatrizant and stabilizing qualities. This oil can also be used in a diluted form to treat a mature, dry or sensible skin, in the bath water it supports the relaxation before an important event and also to tighten the skin combating stretch marks. The essential palisander oil belongs to the heart notes and stimulates sexuality and creativity. Even if its perfume is female the essence is mostly used by men. This oil is also useful to combat depression, bronco- pulmonary infections, headache, insomnia, moddiness, acne, small wounds, dismenorrhea, muscular aches, fears, nervosism, insecurity, mycosis, herpes, lovesickness, sadness, nausea. The essential palisander oil is an efficient shield against infectious diseases, therefor it’s excellent to put it on before going to visit an ill person, or add it to the bath before or after the visit.