• pine


      The essential pine oil is known for its anti-spastic, refreshing and reinvigorating qualities. Moreover it has disinfecting, tonic, vermicidal, diuretic, expectorant, antiseptic properties. Actually it’s also used to treat genitourinary problems, renal caloli, hepatic problems, rheumatism and impotence. Beside from the Scotch Pine the oil is also extraceted from the mountain pine and from the arolla pine.

      The essential pine oil treats the following affections: leukorrhea, gonorrhea, water retention, influenza, bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, cystitis, difficult digestion, sexual disfunctions, muscular cramps, contractions, asthenia, human and animal parasits, stress, dislocation, otitis, pyelitis, circulatory insufficience, excessive sweating, wounds, hepatitis, nervous exhaustion, neuralgias, urethritis, tracheitis, intestinal problems, gallstones. This essential oil is recommended to disinfect objects, it can be used in the form of an ambiental diffusor, as cataplasm, steam bath, or mixing two drops of it with a spoon of honey and consuming it three times a day.