• rose


      The essential rose oil is known for its purifying, stimulant, digestive, draining, decongesting, astringent, tonic, juvenescent, emollient, hydrating, cicatrizant, protective, neurotonic, bacterizide, antiseptic qualities. It’s very expensive, there is necessary a ton of rose petals to prepare one kilogram of essential rose oil.

      This oil is also excellent for emotive problems, it provides consolation in hard moments, favors the self- confidence, helps to give blandness and love, relaxes the soul, helps to alleviate depression or anxiety, liberates from guilt feelings and treats lovesickness. The essential oil of the Damask rose is used to consolate a woman during parturition, moreover it helps a person to die with more serenity. The essential rose oil is recommended for the treatment of a dry and mature skin, it cures stretch marks, especially the oil of wild rose and Damask rose. This essential oil enlightens the skin, regenerates profoundly and smooths the wrinkles. Beside from beauty industry, this oil is a real panacea in case of female problems, it vitalizes the uterus, regulates the menstruation, contains bleedings, prevents the uterus prolaps or the abortion tendency. Other forms of utilization of this essential oil are: the treatment of gingivitis, nervous headache, the increase of the sperm cells of the man and the treatment of sexual asthenia.