• rue


      The rue essential oil is extracted by this plant, it has antimicrobial effects, it stimulates the digestion, moreover it has carminative and emmenagoge properties. Therefor it’s excellent to cure amenorrhea. It protects the capillary vases, it disinfects the genitourinary system, it has antirheumatic, antimicrobial, vermifuge, eye protecting, antispasmodic, anti- hemorrhage, decongesting, anti- inflammatory effects. The rue is contraindicated during pregnancy, since it has abortive properties. Moreover it’s used to chase away mouses, since they don’t tolerate its flavor. In Latin it’s called “ruta graveolens” because of its characteristic smell.

      Even the cats don’t like its smell, therefor if a cat has the habit to mark its territory, it’s possible to put some oil of rue in the implied places. The rue is very rich in the vitamins C and P and in homeopathy it’s used to cure abscesses, nephritis, dysmenorrhea. Other therapeutic utilizations of the rue are: tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrom, tendinitis, distorsion, luxation, trauma on the ligatures, rigidity, aches on the soulders, asthenia apparently without reason, hemorrhoids, sensation of weak legs, headache, strabismus, tired eyes- especially after reading or sitting in front of a computer, lumbago, pubalgia, toothache, gingivitis, neuralgias, difficulties in seeing, anxiety and depression. Moreover this oil has positive effects on the psyche. The “rue character” is hypercritical to himself and others, he has causeless fears and phobias, he always tends to polemicize and it’s very agitated. The “rue character” has normally dark brown hair and feels often tired and exhausted. He’s hyperactive because of his disquietness and when he feels discontented he has no problem with showing it to everyone.