• sandal-wood

      Sandal- wood

      The essential oil of sandal- wood is known for its tonic effect on libido and humour, it has moreover anti- infectious, antiseptic properties for the excretion and respiratory system, cosmetic, sedative, anti- spastic, skin hydrating, anti- diarrhoic, expectorant, astringent, diuretic, catarrh alleviating qualities. This oil is extracted by the bark and the roots of the sandal- tree. In India it’s actually considered as a holy oil, as the so-called “balm for the soul”.

      It’s recommended in case of sexual asthenia, anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia. For physical aspects the oil is helpful in case of premenstural syndrom, cystitis, problems on the urinary passages, menopause, cough, laryngitis, sore throat, acne, stomatitis, hiccup. During pregnancy it alleviates the morning nausea. The aroma of the sandal- wood calms down the mind and helps to relax and to rest the mind. It helps to trasmit warmth, opens the spirit and comprehension. This oil alleviates stress, anxiety, fears and helps to refind serenity. Mixed with wheat germ oil (40 drops of essential sandal oil for 200 ml of wheat germ oil) it’s excellent against sunburns. It’s used pure or mixed with other essential oils: lavender, rose, bergamot, sage, patchouli. The essential sandal oil is excellent to calm hyperactive children and rebellious adolescents.