• shiu


      The essential shiu oil (or camphor oil) is extracted by this tree which grows spontaneously in the Orient, in the following nations: meridional China, in Taiwan and Japan. The essential camphor oil is acute, penetrative, prickly. The camphor essence in the past was seen as something very precious. There exist 3 varieties of camphor: brown, white and yellow. It has balming, expectorant, tonic, antiseptic, diruetic, laxative, stimulant, sedative, sudorific, anti- spastic, vase restorative, insectizide, itch alleviating, analgesic, brightening qualities.

      It’s excellent for sport massages, to alleviate cough, to treat influenza, bronchitis, muscle ruptures, contusions, distortions, acne, oily and impure skin, rheumatism, ecchymosis, anxiety, hysterism, hypotension, bad breath. The camphor oil is also useful to treat affections like scurf, scabies, it can be diffused in the room of an ill person to purify the air. The utilization of this oil is contraindicated during pregnancy, for epileptic people and children under 7 years. This essential oil is useful to cure cold feet, depression, shock conditions. Thanks to the essential camphor oil it’s possible to prepare balmy unguents, anti- rheumatic baths, lotions for dry, acneic and furuncolous skin. Mixed with a carrier oil, like that of sweet almonds, the camphor oil is an excellent dedorant and smoother for the feet. To remove clavus the bicarbonate can be moisturized with the essential camphor oil. This essential oil has also positive effects on the psyche, it supports dreams and destroys negative energies.