• Star anis

      The star anis essential oil is extracted by the Chinese star anis (which must not be confounded with the Japanese one, which is highly toxic), also called “badiana”. This oil is excellent to cure intestinal problems, aerophagy, gastric affections, herpes, influenza, diarrhea, intestinal gases, abdominal embossment, nausea, gough, asthma, bronchitis, acne, scabies, louses, colics. Moreover it’s useful to disinfect the gullet, the stomach and the intestine even from bacterias like Escherichia coli or straphylococcus. The star anis essential oil is used in pastry to aromatize biscuits or bonbons and also to stimulate the appetite. This essential oil is caracterized by a taste which is very similar to that of licorize and by a balmy and vitalizing perfume. It’s moreover known for its disinfecting, fungicide, antioxidant, antibacterial, insectizide, digestive, carminative, spasmolytic, eupeptic properties.
      One drop of the essential oil of star anis can be added to the cough syrup, potentiating its therapeutic effect. It’s contraindicated during pregnancy. To cure skin problems it’s always better to dilute it, this essential oil supports the capillary growing and it’s possible to add it to the daily shampoo. This essential oil is also efficient against moths, therefor it can be divulged in the wardrobe with a proper diffusor. The star anis is also available in the form of spicery, infusion, mother tincture or brew.