• strawflower


      The strawflower essential oil or helichrysum oil has a sweet flavor, which is similar to that of honey with a bitter undertone. Therefor it’s often used in perfumery. The leaves of this plant can also be used as aromatic herbs, thanks to their flavor which recalls curry. They are used to aromatize rice dishes, soups, white meat. Being very concentrated there is necessary only a small quantity of the oil, especially if diluted in a carrier oil.

      The strawflower oil stimulates the intuition, the creativity, the compassion, moreover it alleviates emotional stress, especially for people who endured abuse during childhood. It’s an excellent remedy to overcome important changes in life. Moreover it helps in case of toothache, menstrual cramps, respiratory problems, it stimulates the lymphatic and immune system, helps in case of rheuma, psoriasis, eczemas, varicose veins, frost boils and burns, since it has expectorant, purifying, anti- inflammatory, relaxing, photo protecting, cough alleviating, liver protecting, calming, deongestant, allergy alleviating, anti- erythemic, emollient, antioxidant, vitalizing, asthma curing and neuralgic properties.

      To support the action of the oil it can be diluted with a carrier oil such as St. John’s wort or calendula. The calendula oil is especially helpful against frost boils, thanks to its cicatrizant and alleviating properties. The oil of St. John’s wort is useful in case of sunburns, psoriasis, eczemas, wounds, burns and sun allergies. The strawflower could also be used in the form of a brew or oily tincture.