• valerian


      The essential valerian oil has a blue- green color and is excellent for tired skin and for a better sleep. Actually this plant is known for its sedative, antispasmodic, relaxing, hypnotic, antiseptic, anxiolytic qualities. The essential valerian oil belongs to the head notes and has a warm, balmy, ligneous and musk flavor. The essential valerian oil is used for footbaths, handbaths, inhalations, fumigations. It should be diffused in the bedroom to provide a good sleep, its effect is very incisive, therefor very useful to cure insomnia.

      This oil is also a sedative for the sexual desire and a calmant for nervous gastritis and palpitations, during the Middle Ages this plant was considered as a real panacea. Valerian is moreover helpful to treat anxious states, mirgraine, insomnia, hypertension, panic attacks, anxious crises, irritability, tremors, cramps, irritable colon. This oil donates calmness and serenity. The valerian can be assumed also in the form of a tisana, brew, infusion, pastilles, dry extract. This herb is also an efficient anti- spasmodic agent for the muscles, it has a purifying effect on the liver, it treats dysmenorrhea, menstrual problems. This oil can be caustic for the mucous membranes and for sensible skins and should therefor always be diluted in a carrier oil.