• violet


      The violet essential oil helps against catarrh, moreover it has expectorant, anti- inflammatory, decongesting, lenitive, antiseptic properties. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, it has aphrodisiac and cough alleviating effects. Its perfume belongs to the heart notes, the violet is cultivated in Egypt and in the Southern France.  Maria Luise of Austria loved its flavor very much, she turned the “Parma Violet” to a real trend. This flower is used in pastry as for example for the famous “Bonbons a la violett”- a specialty from Toulouse in France. 

      In the flower- language the violet represents humility and abjection. The essential oil of violet is efficient in case of respiratory problems, acne, eczemas, blains, catarrh, cough, couperose, cystitis or water retention. The color of the oil is greenish and its flavor very intensive. The oil is expensive and not easy to find. The violet oil isn’t as irritating as other oils, therefor it can be applied onto the skin without problems. The flavor of this oil is intensive, it can also be mixed with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. The violet oil can be applied directly onto the skin or added to inhalations or baths, to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation.