• white-musks

      White musks

      The white musks essential oil is very aromatic and is distinguished by a warm and heavy perfume, which recalls that of talc powder. It’s also often used for massages and in the cosmetic industry, but it should always be diluted into a carrier oil. It is said that it brings luck and richness. This oil is also recommended to treat insomnia, sexual asthenia, stress, premenstrual syndrome and to invigorate the endocrine system. If applied onto the hands or feet it donates force to manage complicated situations, giving security and balance.

      This oil is also used to boost the own power of seduction, the self- confidence and to attract the attention or even good feelings like benevolence and friendship. This oil helps being more determinant, it should be diffused in places of study and work, giving the teachers, the employer or the customers an idea of serenity, reliability, robustness, just like the oak. This essential oil is an excellent fixing agent and it has emollient, expectorant, antiseptic qualities. It’s also used as insecticide remedy, mixed with the aroma of citronella, sage and geranium. The white musks oil relaxes, by giving the person the sensibility to open herself to joy and pleasure. This oil is connected to the planet of Venus and its matrix is yang.