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      Golf and wellness

      The concepts golfing and wellness  can be connected with each other, since this sophisticated sport has numerous beneficial effects on the body: it’s perfect for every age, it improves, the concentration, it elevates the resistence, the respiratory and cardiac capacity, the physical flexibility, the mood. Moreover it keeps under control anxiety, thanks to the knowledge of many new people. Golfing is not recommended for persons who suffer from back aches, since theses muscles are stimulated during this sport. Many golfers suffer from a similar pathology as the “tennis elbow”.

      Before beginning it would be better to make some stretching excercises, to avoid contractures or muscle ruptures…even young people. The player Tiger Woods is known for his excellent physical form and he reccomends always physiotherapy and relaxing techniques, for a better muscle fluetness. Many golfers have many friends, competing against them in the tournaments…to meet them later at the golf bar, giving them the hand in a sportive and honorable way. Moreover this sport is recommended for persons who are calmer, since it is a comfortable but nonethless healthy sport. Because the player has to walk a lot, one golf tournament can last about 5 hours, this kind of training is excellent to lose weight, as it needs constant and calm movements. For children golfing is also an excellent sport, since it teaches to respect the nature, the adversary and the rules of the play.

      Many times people think that beginning this sport is too expensive, but that isn’t true , because it is cheaper than skiing. Thanks to the free ticket- system it isn’t necessary anymore to register to a Golf club. The pass costs about 60 €, 22 for juniors. It can be utilized to play on all golf courses. The most popular Italian regions for playing golf are: Trentino South Tyrol, Sardinia, Lombardy, Lake Garda, Tuscany, Sicily, Emilia Romagna, Veneto. In South Tyrol you can find a hotel chain for golfer, called “Golf Hotels”, where everything is specialized on the golf holidays. These hotels offer golf courses in the surroundings. In South Tyrol these hotels are located in: Passeiertal, Alta Badia

  • AbanoRitz Spa Wellfeeling Resort

    Via Monteortone 19
    35031 Abano Terme - Padova (PD)

  • Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

    Località Poltu Quatu
    07021 Arzachena - Sassari - Sassari (SS)

  • Rubner Hotel Rudolf

    Via Reischach 33
    39031 Riscone - Brunico - Bolzano (BZ)

  • Grand Hotel Astoria

    Largo San Grisogono, 3
    34073 Isola di Grado - Gorizia - Gorizia (GO)

  • Hotel Terme Mioni Pezzato & SPA

    Via Marzia 34
    35031 Abano Terme - Padova (PD)

  • Hotel Bellavista Terme

    Via dei Colli 5
    35036 Montegrotto Terme - Padova (PD)