• acerola


      Acerola is known as the “cherry of Barbados” or “cherries of West Indies” and is a Rain Forest plant which is very rich in vitamin C that gives very appreciated red fruits. In Brazil it is very common to find them on sale and tropical American population use it normally when they have a cold. The Acerola fruit can be used raw, as juice, ice-cream, sorbet and sweets with a bittersweet flavor. The acerola can be consumed also as a dry extract.

      The Acerola plant has 20 times more vitamin C as kiwi and 15 times more than orange. Moreover it is rich on vitamin A and B, tannin, calcium, iron and magnesium. Acerola stimulates immunity defenses and it is an excellent spring of anti-oxidants , heals the gum bleeding, is astringent, cures flu, cold, asthenia, vitamin, lack of vitamins. Moreover this fruit has also mineralizing abilities. In case of capillary fragility the acerola is very effective and stimulates also the production of folic acid, contrasts the excess of cholesterol and is a good anti-tumor product. Furthermore it covers 100% of the need of vitamin C of an adult. As we know, vitamin C is a cure-all in order to maintain the skin young and healthy; that’s one more reason to use acerola every day! Acerola helps to heal gastric problems, wrinkles, hepatitis, caries and the other unpleasant aspects of menopause. Moreover this fruit has also excellent anti-inflammation qualities.