• agnus-castus

      Agnus Castus

      Agnus Castus is gained from the mature fruit of the Verbena officinalis tree which balances the hormone and it is useful especially during menopause, reduces the premenstrual symptoms and also regulates the menstrual cycle. Agnus Castus can be taken in pills, mother tincture, tablets etc. and should be taken as soon as awake. Don’t take during pregnancy or while taking contraceptive pills.

      Agnus Castus also inhibits the libido, an example for that were the middle age monarch who used mother tincture of fresh berries in order to bear better the chastity vote. This plant is still found in the gardens of the cloisters. The agnus castus extract is used for the regulation of the menstrual cycle and ovulation after a long period of assumption of the contraceptive pill. They are also taken in order to stimulate the production of milk in women who have just given birth and for the increment of fertility in women if they are still in the right age. Agnus Castus heals also anxiety, depression, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, mood swing and hyper follicle. It has also a sedative action on a general level, heals the tachycardia, insomnia, psychosomatic reaction at an urogenital system level. Further it stimulates on a natural way the production of melatonin of the brain.