• Alchemilla

      Alchemilla is called also “lady's mantle” and is a herbaceous plant that grows naturally in central and western Europe, especially in the mountain regions. Alchemilla is found also in Central Asia. The name of this plant comes from Latin alchemy, then in the Middle Age people thought that the water collected from the bottom, of this plant would help ancient alchemists to discover the philosopher stone. This pant is used to heal internal and external bleeding, toothache, sore throat, anal and vaginal itchiness, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome and zoster herpes. Indeed this herb is famous for its lenitive, astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, wound-healing, analgesic, stomach healing, anti-fever, sedative, hemostatic, detergent, diuretic and refreshing qualities. Alchemilla heals even oral, teeth, throat and eyes infections; further it is excellent to cure flu states, irritable colon, healing wounds, calm inflammation of mucous, diarrhea, leucorrhea, colitis, stop hemorrhages, nervous fatigue, rheumatism, muscle weakness, obesity, headache, hepatic congestion, enteritis, stomach and intestine illness, conjunctivitis, hernia in children, insomnia and headache. Alchemilla is used in form of decoction, infusion, dry extract, macerate and mother tincture. Its leaves can be used to flavor tea and salads. This herb facilitates labor and tones-up uterus. In form of gargle it is useful for singers, actors and speakers, then it improves also the vocal performance. From the esthetic point of view Alchemilla has whitening and elastic giving qualities for the skin. Therefore it is used to reduce stretch marks and to whiten freckles.