• alkekengi


      Alkekengi is a red- orange fruit, very rich in vitamin A and C, which botanic family is the Solanacee, the same as tomatoes, red pepper and aubergine. This fruit is also called “winter cherry” and comes from Europe and Asia and it’s also rich in iron, lycopene, potassium, tannin and anthocyanin. The alkekengi is picked up as soon as mature and it has to be consumed fresh and dry, also as juice and jam. The berries of Alkekengi lightly dried can be put in brine or add to salads if fresh.

      From the berries you get a medicinal liquor, known for its diuretic qualities. The alkekengi berries are very loved in the cake shop then often they are covered with chocolate or are prepared with tasty jam. Further the alkekengi plant can also be used as an ornamental plant. This fruit is excellent against the stone in the kidneys, problems in the urinary tract, skin pains, gout, nephritic, urinary retention, jaundice, gravel, vitamin deficiency and uricaemia.

      The alkekengi has diuretic, anti-inflammation, anti-fever, anti-rheumatic, balsamic, refreshing, anti-oxidants, anti- phlogistic, anti-pyretic, expectorate, anti-gout, laxative, anti -tough, anti-anemic, depurative and anti-uric benefits. From the fruit of this plant we get the very useful infusion against rheumatic pains.