• altea


      The therapeutic therapies of altea were known since ancient times. Its name has the meaning of recovery. This plant belongs to the malvacee family and has in fact balsamic, protective, anti-inflammation, bechiche, tonic, relieve giving, laxative, decongestant, moisturizing, anti-toxins, diuretic and refreshing qualities. The therapeutic use of altea in fact are following: as a compress it helps to heal injured mucous and skin and also for healing abscess, stomatitis, glossites, burn, insect sting and gum inflammation.

      This plant has benefits in case of infection on the intestinal mucous, dry cough, bronchitis, whooping cough, flatulence, bladder inflammations, stones in the kidneys and cystitis. Altea is also beneficent in case of diabetes. The leaves are used also for cooking, especially for soups and salads. From the altea plant we use the mucilage and the roots, which are sold in form of infusion. The decoction is used on abscess and boils in order to increment the maturation. The root can also be consumed cooked in some butter. The leaves are used in order to prepare ointments for tired and dry skins, suitable also for children and elderly people. The dried roots of altea was used in popular medicine for children, especially for teeth pains. If the root is chewed fresh the inflammations and burns of palate and throat are relieved. Altea is contraindicated during pregnancy and breast feeding. In flower language altea is symbol of charity.