• angostura


      The real angostura is an official plant, even if its name it’s like the famous bitters from south America, exactly from Venezuela the city of Bolivar!

      From the bark it is gained a homeopathic remedy as in the following cases: cramps, curtain pains, cold extremities, circulatory problems, decay, muscle rigidity, diarrhea, dyspepsia, abdominal colic, pains on cheek and cheekbone, warmth flush, rheumatism, headache, gastralgia, myopia, anorexia, gastric atony, chest compulsions, palpitation, knees pain, backache, tetanus, trismus, pitting oedema, arthritis, itchiness on back, itchiness on genital area especially in men. In the case of women the real angustura plant heals the uterine prolapse. The real angostura has anti-spasmodic, carminative, regulation of mood and digestive qualities. From the psychological point of view the “real angostura person” has no self -confidence, get often easily offended, is shy, discouraged, unsatisfied, hypersensitive and is more cheerful in the evening. The angostura people love a lot coffee and hot drinks and hate meat, especially pork. They also feel a lot tiredness and muscle rigidity.