• bean


      The bean is not just a simple, beneficial aliment and loved vegetable used in the “poor kitchen”, but also beneficent form the phytotherapeutic point of view. Today in the pharmacy it is possible to find the dry extract of this legume which has been introduced in Europe since the XVI century by German botanist. This vegetable in deed comes from America and has been considered for a long time “meat of poor”, because of its richness in vegetable proteins, fibro and for its energy giving qualities.

      The dietician recommend to consume this herb with carbohydrate as rice, pasta and potatoes and with vegetable in order to be able to savour a real “unique dish”, which contains all the nutritional principles for a balanced meal. Actually the bean has diuretic and hypoglycaemic qualities. It inhibits the absorption of intestinal carbohydrates . The bean is recommended in case of overweight, diabetes, obesity and water retention. This legumes is also rich in potassium, calcium, chlorine, phosphor and magnesium. In order to avoid problems of meteorism you can add spices as cumin, oregano and sage to the beans. In Italy there exist different kinds of beans that got the mark IGP: the bean of Lamon in Veneto, the bean of Controne in Campania and the bean in Sorana in Tuscany.