• black-alder

      Black alder

      The black alder has anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, tone-up, anti-fever, diuretic, anti-pain, astringent, cicatrizing, anti- sweating, anti-allergy, worm-killing and anti-secretory qualities. The black alder bark contains tannins while the leaves have astringent and diuretic properties. Back alder can be assumed as a decoction or a mother tincture. This plant is beneficent for the circular system, especially to prevent and heal varicose vein. It is also a good antiseptic of the oral cavity and stimulates and disinfects the intestinal tract.

      The black alder is advisable also against fever and flu, because it is an excellent anti-inflammation product for the respiratory tract. Black alder has also anti-catarrh functions that increase the brain circulation. Further it cures pharyngitis, tonsillitis and infections of the urine tract. The mother tincture of black alder is used also as a mouthwash, especially for gum inflammations. Black alder normalizes the production of endorphin, regulates humor and avoids or limits the psychosomatic reaction especially of the digestive apparatus. This plant is excellent in order to heal aftereffects at enteric level from antibiotics. It is also a good natural remedy in order to contrast cellulitis.