• black-cherry

      Black cherry

      Black cherry is often protagonist of jam, drinks, sweets, ice-creams and infusions. This fruit which is very similar to the cherry, is rich on bioflavonoids, anti-oxidants and anti-tumorous. This fruit has a lot of magnesium, calcium, phosphor, potassium, tannins and vitamins PP,C,B1,A and the juice is excellent against inflammatory arthritis if taken regularly.

      The Black berry has furthermore lots of benefits as: regulation of sleep, stimulation of metabolism, reduction of lactic acid and cramps, regulation of the cardiovascular system, reduction of fatigue, elimination of slags, purification of liver, reinforcement of hair and sight, protection of veins, elimination of constipation, stimulation of digestion and it is a strong diuretic. Black berry are excellent also in case of cystitis and renal insufficiency and recent studies proved efficiency of this fruit also in case of diabetes and insomnia. It contains melatonin, a substance which helps against insomnia.

      Black Berries stimulate also the production of collagen and contrasts therefore the skin ageing. The decoction of black berries stalks is suitable in order to cure skins with inflammation and cracked skin. It is also known for its diuretic and purifying qualities and It’s advisable in order to heal gout and stimulate diuresis.